A Soft Solution of Fake Grass

The Issue with Real Grass

Grass appears in many areas around the globe. In some places, it is green and full of life, but in dry areas, it is brown and dead. In the areas where the grass is green, there is usually someone to tend to the lawn, mowing it, fertilizing it, and spraying pesticide on it to keep insects, rats, and other unwanted pests away. Because of these activities, real grass may not be the most favorable option for relaxing on, as it can be irritating to the skin and causes rashes to form and itching to occur. This effect thereby limits the amount of time a family of children and their parents can enjoy their lawn and do recreational activities.

A Solution to the Itchy Grass Problem

As an alternative to real grass, the lawn can be replaced with fake, or synthetic, grass made from plastic or recycled parts. As a replacement, the fake grass looks realistic, provides a scenic view for a lawn, and can also be used for recreational activities such as lying down in the sun or playing backyard games because synthetic grass is designed to be soft on the skin and not cause any kind of skin irritation or discomfort. Children can run barefoot on it and not experience the sharp pains of grass piercing their feet. Outdoor play is encouraged with fake grass because this type of grass offers a soft landing for any individual. Furthermore, this type of grass does not need to be mowed, indicating that fresh grass clippings will not be strewn across the area, thus allowing the area to easily be kept clean at most times. The grass also does not need to be watered, and it will remain in an acceptable condition for up to 25 years, maintaining its softness and inviting spirit for people who enjoy the outdoors. Companies like Turf Distributors can help you find a turf distributor near you.

Fake Turf in Dog Kennels

Dogs just like humans want to walk on soft grass and Biltright turf has that soft grass your pet needs. In their kennel area they should be able to enjoy something that is soft under their feet. There are some solutions to help the dog walk on soft grass and allow the owner to have a kennel that is looking nice. Artificial grass will keep the kennel area green and is comfortable for the dog to walk on. Artificial grass is also non-toxic and is allergen-free.

 There is artificial turf that can be installed in the kennel area that is specifically designed for dogs. it is safe for them to use and they will love to play on it. If the dog enjoys being outside in the kennel it can leave this area looking messy. The grass may be yellow, the dog may dig holes, and it can have a smell. Fake grass designed for dogs will be green all the time, there will be no bare spots, and the dog will not be able to dig through it. You will not have to worry about the upkeep with the artificial grass. Your dog can use it in any season, and they will have a comfortable place outside where they can play.

 The fake grass is soft when touch. It will not hurt the dog’s paw. When the fake grass needs to be cleaned all you have to do is rinse it down with the hose. Water will be able to drain through the turf and so will urine. It will not leave a smell behind. There will be no stains or discoloration from the dog.

 If you want to allow your dog to play outside in a kennel and are looking to have a nice lawn you should look for artificial turf. It will be fun for your dog and easy to take care of for you.

Turf Safety in playing fields

Thanks to improved development techniques a higher-quality material and fiber design, turf can be made to look, feel and move like real grass that grows in your region locally. Turf that has the same real color and texture as the healthiest natural grass that grows in your lawn. There is now even a hybrid artificial turf which features natural Sports grass supported with synthetic fibers for added stability. It’s easy to see why artificial grass is quickly replacing natural grass in playing fields across the country.

It was in the mid-1960s that chemists at Monsanto first created AstroTurf and by 1966 it was being instituted into playing fields such as the Houston Astrodome. There are over 11,000 synthetic playing fields in school yards, college fields, national parks and Professional multi-stadiums in the United States alone. Artificial turf makes for a better playing field than natural grass, withstanding extreme weather conditions, it doesn’t demand the same level of maintenance, plus it will last longer. Turf is cushioned making it safer in a fall, helping to prevent injuries and helping to create a more enjoyable competitive experience. One very popular type of field is known as an “infill” system, there is a natural formed subgrade, drainage and leveling layer, and the top layer of synthetic grass which lay across shock absorbing pad. There is a particle layer made of sand, rubber and other components known as “crumb” embedded in the top layer of fibers in the infill system. The “crumb” is what keeps the blades of turf upright, laying across the shock absorbing pad beneath, providing even more safer in case a player should fall.

The advancement of the fibers has made a safer playing field for sports competition. Improved fiber designs influence performance in various ways. For example, blades that are designed with an S-shape will evenly reflect sunlight so that on a sunny day the turf will still keep its uniform color. W-shaped blades of synthetic grass will diffuse what would otherwise collect from the sunlight, dropping the temperature up to 15 degrees. M-shaped blades stop water from collecting, prevent mirror effects and reflect light from surfaces. And beneath it all a shock pad that snaps together for added comfort and safety, reducing the impact forces players experience during competition.

After these fields have used up their warranty, companies like AGR (Artificial Grass Recyclers) will recycle this turf for residential DIY reuse projects and your favorite college football field will have new artificial grass to continue the assurance of a good and safe sports field.

Perfect Garden for pet care facilities

Dogs and pets alike love to play in lush green grass. Imagine them tumbling and rolling in a completely natural environment. Grass takes time to manage and maintain and quite difficult to grow. That’s why artificial grass by Heavenly Greens is the best solution for pet care facilities and humane societies. Artificial grass also known as Field turf is made out of an eco-friendly, non-toxic and allergen-free material by an astro turf company. It keeps pets away from anti-microbial, and it’s fertilizer free. The realistic look has thick leaves and texture like grass. Guests will feel welcome in a serene and tranquil setting. Ideal for pet facility giving them a chance to get to know each other. Pets will feel comfortable and playful where their true nature can shine. It can stand to any abuse a big dog can think up. It is built to last, it’s sturdy and durable and has the sustainability 20-25 year life expectancy.

Keeping your pups paws clean from mud and dirt is no trouble. A simple pump of your favorite detergent and fresh clean water and any urine or waste drains away just like grass but has a better drainage system. Even with the most energetic pets, artificial turf will stay beautiful for years to come. No more holes, or unsightly patches of grass. No weeds to manage, or gardener to pay. Think of all the water and time you’ll save. Design Field turf virtually anywhere. Imagine turf on a patio, big or small yards, in a shape of a bone or a doormat for kennels. Think of mom and her pups cozy in a mat for them to lay in. Rooftops or a courtyard in an intricate design. Install it on the wall for photo ops for social media moments. The possibilities are endless. Diamond Certified Heavenly Greens has field turf available in showrooms and can be installed for pet hotels, pet care facilities. Give yourself a treat and provide a year-round, perfect garden for you and your pets to enjoy.