A Soft Solution of Fake Grass

The Issue with Real Grass

Grass appears in many areas around the globe. In some places, it is green and full of life, but in dry areas, it is brown and dead. In the areas where the grass is green, there is usually someone to tend to the lawn, mowing it, fertilizing it, and spraying pesticide on it to keep insects, rats, and other unwanted pests away. Because of these activities, real grass may not be the most favorable option for relaxing on, as it can be irritating to the skin and causes rashes to form and itching to occur. This effect thereby limits the amount of time a family of children and their parents can enjoy their lawn and do recreational activities.

A Solution to the Itchy Grass Problem

As an alternative to real grass, the lawn can be replaced with fake, or synthetic, grass made from plastic or recycled parts. As a replacement, the fake grass looks realistic, provides a scenic view for a lawn, and can also be used for recreational activities such as lying down in the sun or playing backyard games because synthetic grass is designed to be soft on the skin and not cause any kind of skin irritation or discomfort. Children can run barefoot on it and not experience the sharp pains of grass piercing their feet. Outdoor play is encouraged with fake grass because this type of grass offers a soft landing for any individual. Furthermore, this type of grass does not need to be mowed, indicating that fresh grass clippings will not be strewn across the area, thus allowing the area to easily be kept clean at most times. The grass also does not need to be watered, and it will remain in an acceptable condition for up to 25 years, maintaining its softness and inviting spirit for people who enjoy the outdoors. Companies like Turf Distributors can help you find a turf distributor near you.