Perfect Garden for pet care facilities

Dogs and pets alike love to play in lush green grass. Imagine them tumbling and rolling in a completely natural environment. Grass takes time to manage and maintain and quite difficult to grow. That’s why artificial grass by Heavenly Greens is the best solution for pet care facilities and humane societies. Artificial grass also known as Field turf is made out of an eco-friendly, non-toxic and allergen-free material by an astro turf company. It keeps pets away from anti-microbial, and it’s fertilizer free. The realistic look has thick leaves and texture like grass. Guests will feel welcome in a serene and tranquil setting. Ideal for pet facility giving them a chance to get to know each other. Pets will feel comfortable and playful where their true nature can shine. It can stand to any abuse a big dog can think up. It is built to last, it’s sturdy and durable and has the sustainability 20-25 year life expectancy.

Keeping your pups paws clean from mud and dirt is no trouble. A simple pump of your favorite detergent and fresh clean water and any urine or waste drains away just like grass but has a better drainage system. Even with the most energetic pets, artificial turf will stay beautiful for years to come. No more holes, or unsightly patches of grass. No weeds to manage, or gardener to pay. Think of all the water and time you’ll save. Design Field turf virtually anywhere. Imagine turf on a patio, big or small yards, in a shape of a bone or a doormat for kennels. Think of mom and her pups cozy in a mat for them to lay in. Rooftops or a courtyard in an intricate design. Install it on the wall for photo ops for social media moments. The possibilities are endless. Diamond Certified Heavenly Greens has field turf available in showrooms and can be installed for pet hotels, pet care facilities. Give yourself a treat and provide a year-round, perfect garden for you and your pets to enjoy.